Create Your LLC on US as a Foreigner

This can be a real frustration if you do not know how to start, so we show you the easiest path to Set Up Your LLC in few days and apply for your EIN Number. Rest assured we will fully guide you on this process. We admin with honesty and we would like to show you the costs are not cheap, but keep reading cause you will understand why this is a good investment.

We also include our guidance on hiring all the next service mentioned. Costs come apart from this Mentorship.

LLC set up cost (89$).

State Agent: about 30$ per year

Best Mailing Service: 25$ per month and you only need it for a while.

Keep reading to read about profits too ;)

On Dropshipping Business Method, Become Tax Exempt on US Suppliers

We show you the way to Become Tax Exempt on the Most Popular US Suppliers: Walmart, Home Depot & Amazon.

You will need to pay freelancers here to get tax exempted, ~100$ per supplier + Some more extra per month for the sales and use tax lawyer to file your tax returns, this can be cheaper if you don't choose home depot, 10$-49$)

Our advice is included on the process, with tips on how to have your money safe as per Fiverr's client policy, so you only pay when your service is delivered.

Comply With Your Tax Duties

We show you the different options to hire:

  • Bookkeeper (about 100$ per year on bookkeeping services).
  • CPA for IRS Tax Duties (about 300$ per year on tax duties with the IRS)

NOTE: an LLC can be used for different businesses.

It's a hard process, and yet the profits were more than 20k$+ so far

It's not a millionaire method but sure it still can create a sort of income.

+ More sources of incomes can be legitimately declared using this same method.

+ The investment is not really high compared with most of business models.

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